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Over the years I have had the pleasure of being able to help so many different people with so many different complaints. The beauty of the homeopthic consultation is that no two cases are the same and I look forward and am excited by the challenge that each person brings.

"I went to Giulia hopeful but skeptical having tried all kinds of over the counter and prescribed medication in both New York and London. Nothing worked for my allergies-loads of sneezing, itchy throat, eyes, sometimes a rash. Some days my allergies would just take it out of me and I would want to collapse in bed. My kids hated it when they could see my allergies coming on and know I would be pretty out of it that day. After a consultation with Giulia where she asked me a bunch of questons about my symotoms and overall health and well being, and one dose later of a customised "magic potion" from her I haven't sneezed or had allergies for 9 months. I used to get it every few weeks for an intense 24/48 hr period and have literally had nothing since. A few years ago a traditional doctor took tests and said I was allergic to dust, cats, trees and grass but nothng he gave me worked. The last year I have been rennovating a flat and been surrounded by dust and dirt and every weekend I have watched my boys play football - I have yet to sneeze or feel itchy. It is truly amazing. Even if my allergies come back tomorrow I have been allergy free for 9 monts which is incredible. And if they do, I'll go right back to Giulia for a new potion. Giulia is lovely, I can't reccomend her enough. Without sounding corney, for me, going to Giulia has changed my life these last 9 months. It's priceless."


"I never believed homeopthy would work but I thought I would give it a try as a last resort as I was desperate. I had psoriasis all over my body top to toe and no conventional or alternative treatment had worked so far and it seemed to be getting worse and spreading all over my body. Giulia asked me loads of quesions relating to my skin but also about myself emotionally and questions that seemed bizarre at the time but I answered them anyway as I was intrigued. My skin was so bad that I would cover myself up out of embrassament and even wore gloves in summer. It took a few sessions but slowly I started to see the patches dissapear before my eyes! It was quite extraodinary and as a result I now feel so much more confident. I see Giulia whenever I have a flare-up but her treatment seems to get rid of the patches quicker than ever. It is truly wonderful."


"My two children and I were all suffering from completely different symptoms of hay fever and booked in with Giulia. After seperate consultations and 2 weeks of taking our remedies we were completely symptom free. The kids thought it was magic and I think they might be right. I have reccomended Giulia to many friends since and will continue to do so. She's brillliant!"

"My wife pushed me to go and see Giulia as she was sick of me complaining about my verruca and it was resisting over the counter and GP treatment so I thought I would give it a try. Amazingly, after one session the verucca that I had for over a year slowly started to disspear. I would definately reccomend Giulia and homeopathy to anyone. I wish I had gone sooner."



"I was in such a state when I went to see Giulia. I had a lot of physical and emotional symtoms that made me feel quite depressed. I am such a positive, successful person that I didn't want to admit something was wrong but I couldn't ignore it. Amongst other things, I had awful digestive problems and headaches that were seriously debilitating and depressing and eveything combined made me funtion at about 50% of myself which I didn't like. Giulia is such a good listener and after explaing all my symptoms, which were many (!) I had already felt like a weight had lifted. After taking the remedy I slowly began to feel better and my symptoms started to ease. I now feel like I am creeping back to my usual self and able to look at life positively again. I feel like I am on a journey with a happy ending."



As an osteopath, I specialise in musculo-skeletal problems and I couldn't believe how quickly and well the injured body tissues healed after using Giulia's remedy. First I came to consult her with my 2 prolapsed discs, then my husband's fractured arm and my daughters sprained finger and hayfever. As a professional I am more than confident to refer my patients to her and personally I never leave the country without Giulia's injury and hay fever medication in my bag!



Giulia was a life saver, relieving my PMS symptoms so sucessfully after many years of suffering. Her professional approach combined with a gentle manner and many years of experience as a homeopath means I would recommend her to anyone.


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